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Provide a solution to your visitor's problem

Why should a potential customer use your service or buy your product? Be sure to outline what makes you different, what benefits your customers get by going to you, and then ask them to do something.

Decide what you want them to do, whether it's making a phone call, emailing you, or buying one of your products below, and tell them the easiest method to go about it. And write what happens after. Are they calling for an immediate quote? In the case of the store, the add to cart button adds the product to a super safe Paypal Shopping Cart. Any time you can remove the unknown, it's much more comforting to a potential prospect.

What makes your products great?

Be specific. The more detail the better. If you make t-shirts, write about the fabric and the printing method. Be sure to specify how your customer's items will ship, how much that'll cost, how long it is from purchasing to shipping, and the time it takes to reach them.

1003 Ice Cream Toppings

Ice Cream Toppings

These test products show you the various fields in action. This is a fictional ice cream topping. Notice the "Flavors" drop down menu, created with the "Attributes" box. Just select the "Delete" link above the picture to start fresh.

1002 Neon Sunglasses

Neon Sunglasses

This test product is for custom printed sunglasses. Include item specific details. When you're ready to make your own, feel free to delete this product and start fresh. Play with it as much as you like to get comfortable with it!

1001 Personalized T-Shirt

Personalized T-Shirt

An example illustrating t-shirts, with sizing.. Delete this product to make room for your own! Your free site includes room for three products. You can easily upgrade to include twelve items, with additional attributes, at any point.

Link Exchange

We've included a great area where you can link with your direct vendors and compatible industries to increase your visibility in search engines. It's best if those you're linking to will in turn have a link to you. We'll start you off with one, it's super easy to edit, and you have room for 10.

Contact Us

You can include as much or as little contact information as you like. We find it's best to include a variety of methods so our customers can reach us as easily as possible.

by Phone- 317.514.7517

by Mail

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This is an optional section. If you have a physical location, we recommend putting your hours here, along with a map so your customers can easily get directions. Just replace the embed code below with a map of your location from Google Maps, Bing, or Mapquest.

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