What kind of site do you want to create?

$45 per month, providing unlimited versions of your website, to easily switch between versions for seasons, sales, or just trying out a new design.
One Page
$25 per month, unlimited single pages perfect for highlighting each of your products and providing a destination for advertising your products features and benefits.
Landing Page
$25 per month for unlimited landing pages. Run ads on Google's AdWords or Facebook Ads and have the perfect sales pitch ready for your visitors!
Note that you can get unlimited pages, emails, hosting, updates and support for all three of the above systems for just $75 per month!

$100 per month for one year, no upfront charges, and includes a custom design, with landing page, contact management, and SEO extensions pre-installed.

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Every account includes...
  • a custom design, exclusive to your business
  • a newsletter template, matched to your website design, to use with Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, or other contact management system of your choice.
  • unlimited versions of your website (and revisions of those versions)
  • unlimited email accounts
  • unlimited hosting
...and doesn't include setup charges, upfront charges, or hidden costs.

About Sites In Seconds

We've been providing Internet marketing to every sector of the economy since 1999, and we would love to bring you to the forefront of your industry. Contact us today for a simple, no obligation, needs assessement.

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What can we do for you today? Need SEO (search engine optimization)? We handle everything from finding appropriate incoming links, to on site optimization, to landing page creation, to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. Do you want help with your social marketing? Our experts will plan your annual plan to give you a road map to follow to keep everything up to date and touching your client base. If you've seen it done on the Internet, we can do it for you, too!