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Do you have a domain name?

The professional level website allows you to have a professional looking, custom domain. If you have a domain name you'd like to point to your new website, you'll need to put these two nameservers into the system at your registrar to make your new website show up when someone types in your domain name. Let us know if you need assistance, we're happy to help!

Nameserver #1- dns.sitesinseconds.com
Nameserver #2- dns2.sitesinseconds.com

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Next Steps!

Now that you have your website going you can use the menu on the left to directly access the various options to make your website a perfect fit for your business. Add your products to the store section, create links to your favorite sites or affiliate programs, and just generally create your perfect home on the web.

Try scanning your QR Code with your mobile phone

This QR Code will direct visitors to your new website when scanned from a mobile phone. Let's try it right now to be sure it's getting you to the right place. When you've verified that it works, just right-click on the QR Code, save to disc, and print out to post in desirable areas.

Some ideas for use...

Mobile Ready

You've known all along that you need a mobile version of your website and with Sites In Seconds you automatically have a website that looks and works great on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Click on the QR Code graphic above to see for yourself. Even if you're just getting started, your work is immediately available to the whole world of smartphones, and professional level websites will send them directly to your professional domain name.


It's never been easier for you to have a website you can be proud of. We've made it simple to change the look, so you can have a design that fits you.

Any image can be a vibrant background so you can take and upload your own photo or choose one from one of the many professional photo sites across the Internet. You also have complete control over the fonts and colors of your content. Best of all, you can change it up as often as you like.


Have something to sell? Use the built in shop to sell online! Whether it's a product you have in stock, a one-off piece, or even a service, we give you the power to list your items, and take payments, all from your website. The standard, free, storefront has the capability to showcase three items, the professional level storefront has enough space to showcase a dozen products. Professional level stores may also include up to three attributes (such as size, color, flavor) to each store item compared to the one attribute included in the standard storefront. Your customers are even able to add products to a shopping cart, so you can sell multiple items per order.

Easy To Update

With our easy browser based editor, you can update your website content, add/remove products, you can change the design, all as much as you like. You can even log in from your phone, and make quick, instant changes on the go. We put the power in your hands.

  • Look more professional by using your own domain name.
  • Increase your store's capacity from three products to twelve!
  • If your store is used to promote a single item, its picture will be sized to the full width of the site to feature it prominently.
  • Store items can have multiple (up to three) attributes, such as size, color, and style.
  • Your QR code will be formatted to send visitors direclty to your domain, rather than routing them through Sites In Seconds.
  • Your website will be resubmitted to search with each edit to assure the freshest content is always considered.